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My office provides a wide range of criminal offenses, including:

  • Driving while license suspended
  • DUI
  • Domestic violence
  • Possession of narcotics
  • Theft cases
  • Violation of probation

To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your case, please call 407-843-9411.

Seminole County Drug Possession Defense Lawyer | Fighting to Defend You Against Drug Charges in Orlando and Surrounding Areas

The enforcement of Florida's drug-related laws has become increasingly forceful in recent years. I have the skill and experience you need as you face prescription drug charges and drug-related charges in a system designed to put you away.

My primary objective is to get you out of jail. From there, I can provide you with a realistic understanding of where your case stands and how it will likely proceed. I will be honest and clear with you regarding what you can expect.

You can be assured that as I prepare your case and work tirelessly toward a best-possible outcome, I will leave no stone unturned. I understand all defenses of these charges and which to apply successfully to your situation. I will work to file the appropriate motions, review all evidence, do proper discovery and rely upon the best experts available to resolve your case favorably.

I understand the potential impact that these charges have on your life and on the lives of your family. I will devote the personal attention that your case deserves and vigilantly fight for your rights throughout the process. Whether that means achieving minimal sentencing through a deal or fighting the case in trial, I will help you achieve the best-possible outcome.

Family Law

As you face difficult family situations and legal concerns, I am prepared to represent your interests in a manner that cares for you as a person. As your attorney, I will work for a resolution that is the least costly, both financially and emotionally.

Free Initial Consultations

From family law to criminal defense, each case is provided a free initial consultation. Payment plans are available for your convenience, and all major credit cards are accepted. Spanish translation services are also available.

To arrange a free initial consultation, please call today 407-843-9411.

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The Law Offices of Scott L. Richardson, P.A.
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Orlando, FL 32801

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